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Wealth Seeks Beauty Online Sugar Daddy Lifestyle
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Wealth Seeks Beauty Online Sugar Daddy Dating Lifestyle
The Ultimate Sugar Daddy Lifestyle

Online Sugar Daddy Dating Lifestyle 

Growing up as a kid I didnít know the term Sugar Daddy, but I did recognize the media stereotype of the cool guy in the smoking jacket or the turtleneck sweater who always seemed to be draped in gorgeous women. There were guys like High Heffner and Van Williams from The Green Hornet television series.

I didnít know who these guys were exactly or what they did for a living, but I instinctively realized they were having more fun than everyone else.

I later found out that Hugh Heffner was a publishing mogul and the Green Hornet was a fictional character (or is that the other way around?) but the image of the very cool, sharp dressed ladies man was forever burned into my impressionable young mind.

This is one of the few instances in life where reality is actually better than fantasy. In reality, ANY man with disposable income can establish himself as a Sugar Daddy, as long as he has his spending priorities in order.

Think of it this way. It is quite possible to always a drive a high-end car (Porsche, Mercedes, BMW) and never spend more than $30,000 if youíre willing to do a little legwork. Sugar Babies are no different; they come in a variety of makes and models, all of which are pretty exciting.

To a college co-ed, a subsidy of $2,000 a month is a great deal of money. To an accountant or sales manager making $100,000 a year, $2,000 a month is not a tremendous out-of-pocket expense, especially considering what they get in return.

While the rest of their associates are playing hit and miss at happy hour, buying drinks for random strangers, the aforementioned tacticians planned their moves and made a smart investment and saved a tremendous amount of time and frustration in the process.

Sugar Dady Dating Not Just For Millionaires

A good friend of mine named Paul, a mortgage broker, once told me that if he was in a serious relationship and it was going well, he couldnít work because all he could think about was the girl he was dating. He went on to say that if things were going poorly, he couldnít work because he felt bad and there was usually some drama going on. Paul told me flat out that the only thing that made sense to him was to financially help out women on an informal basis and to keep things casual.

This was the last guy I would ever consider to be a Sugar Daddy, and even after he told me that most of his steadies were on some sort of payroll, I still didnít think of him as one. But thatís what he was, and still is; a Sugar Daddy in the purest sense of the term.

There are a lot men like Paul out there in the workplace who deserve a little Sugar but simply never thought the option existed.

WealthSeeksBeauty.com is designed to meet the needs of every Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Sugar Mommy and Sugar Pup who is out there today. Regardless of age, income, marital status, or any other qualifier, there is a perfect playmate for everyone.

Sign up, login, look around and treat yourself like a millionaire, even if your bank statements tell a different story.

Be like Paul. Having the millions is not as important as having the millionaire mindset.

Have some fun. You deserve it!