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Wealth Seeks Beauty Looking For Sugar Daddy Hotspots
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Wealth Seeks Beauty Looking For Sugar Daddy Dating Hotspots
Looking For Sugar Daddy Hotspots
The Ultimate Sugar Daddy Hotspots
Looking For Sugar Baby Hotspots

Online Sugar Daddy Dating Hotspots 

Whatís the point in having the hottest piece of arm candy in town if you canít show off?

The trick to doing this one right is knowing where to go to make other Sugar Daddies envious. Taking your new playmate to Nantucket Island or Boca Raton is good for a lazy weekend, but if you really want to turn heads and see your peers frothing with jealousy there are a few key destinations you have to check out.

The Shore Club is the EPIC hotspot where wealthy men to show off their cars, buying power, and Sugar Babies. Originally the brainchild of Studio 54 entertainment mogul Ian Schrager, the Shore Club features the Skybar Lounge, one of Miami Beachís hottest nightspots, Robert Deniroís Nobu Restaurant, and Ago, yet another incredible fusion restaurant.

Sugar Dady Hotspot Shore Club, Miami Beach

The main attraction of the Shore Club is that once you check in thereís absolutely no reason to leave the property. The Shore Club features a European Spa, 24-hour, five-star room service and a lavish abundance of hedonistic amenities designed to help you forget the rest of the world for a few days, a week, month, etc.

Rooms, suites and bungalows range in price from $600 to $20,000 a night and the pool deck is only available to hotel guests. This means that posers, stiffs, riff raff and haters canít afford the price of admission. The only ones who can slide the door at this place are a select group of European models, but it is basically required that they have to tan topless in a t-back.

The Sugar Daddies in attendance are a combination of mysterious European types, Wall Street players in town for the weekend, and an array of other new money bad boys.

Sugar Daddy Insider Information: Tip the hell out of the towel boys. They are the ones that really run the show poolside. In order to maximize your exposure you want to be seated in a high visibility but low traffic area. The key to turning heads without looking like youíre trying is to be positioned close enough to the action to watch but far enough away so as not to be disturbed when your Sugar Baby goes topless.

This place is indeed the coolest hangout because you will receive nods of envy from the likes of Dennis Hopper, James Caan and even Larry Flynt. Yes, even the legendary Larry Flynt still appreciates a hot Sugar Baby when he sees one.

Sugar Dady Hotspot The Four Seasons Hotel

The bartenders are some of the best in the world and the selection of wine, champagne and cigars is unrivaled. The bar features several connected outside decks for those who still appreciate a fine Honduran.

The place is pumping by 8:00 on any given night so once again itís essential to know how to pull some strings. Palm a Benjamin to the concierge upon checking in and make sure he ropes off one of the corner tables for you. Tell him how long youíre staying for and that youíll need that same table every night, no exceptions.

The staff of the Four Seasonís aims to please so as long as youíre putting down at least a $1,000 a night on your bar, your table is guaranteed.

The Sugar Daddies here generally fit the same profile; Hollywood entertainment types. These are the guys that pretty much pioneered the game about five minutes after the movie camera was invented. As soon as they realized that young starlets would hang out with them regardless of their marital status or intentions, the west coast Sugar Daddy was born.

Sugar Daddy Insider Information: Order the Kobe Beef sliders and a dirty martini. Also, if you canít find the cigars you like, the valets will more than gladly retrieve your brand from one of the large tobacco shops on Santa Monica Blvd. for a decent tip.

The epitome of urban chic, Cipriani is the mandatory dinner destination of every major celebrity who steps foot into Manhattan. There are several locations throughout the city though, so make sure you find the one located at West Broadway near Broome Street.

Sugar Dady Hotspot New York

On an average night youíll be able to catch Hugh Grant, Tim Robins or Bono checking out your Sugar Baby. The food is top notch, the wine list is the best in the city and the Sugar Daddies come in all shapes and sizes from trust fund rebels to Wall Street titans.

The bar has a quaint local feel to it but if you and your Sugar Baby take your positions on a couple of the much sought after stools there, you are definitely the center of the Sugar Daddy universe. Money talks but having the hottest female in the room on your arm talks louder.

Cipriani is a bonafide billionaire hangout, thatís with a capital B. There is so much old New York money floating around this place that one could walk from the kitchen to the sidewalk on the heads of corporate moguls without their Bruno Maglis ever hitting the ground once.

By becoming a recognized face at Cipriani youíve officially arrived. Your status as a platinum Sugar Daddy has been secured.

Sugar Daddy Insider Information: This place books WAY in advance so plan ahead.