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Wealth Seeks Beauty Online Sugar Baby Gifts
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Wealth Seeks Beauty Online Sugar Daddy Dating Gifts
Sugar Baby Dating Gifts
The Ultimate Sugar Baby Dating Gifts

Sugar Baby Dating Gifts
Online Sugar Baby Dating Gifts 
Sugar Baby Dating Gifts

If more than two people want the same thing, there is going to be some competition. If there is competition then be prepared to play to win.

Online Sugar Baby Spontaneous Gift GivingSo the arrangement is set, your Sugar Baby is cooing with delight and you intend to keep her in a perpetual state of bliss and arousal. This means showering her in a steady stream of money (your business) and gifts (our business). A Sugar Daddy is measured by his largesse and every gift is a reflection of his character. Gift giving is high science so take it seriously.

Doling out thoughtful gifts may not sound like a tough responsibility, but we’re not talking about the errant, off- the-cuff birthday present or holiday trinket. Sugar Baby gifting, if done correctly, is an ongoing barrage of items that are intriguing, creative, sexy and classy. If you’re like most Sugar Daddies, you’re a man’s man, which means that you’re disadvantaged in this area. Women always make better gift givers than men. However, knowing you’re at a disadvantage is the first step to gaining an advantage.

The following is a crash course in how to make every day a birthday for your Sugar Baby without driving yourself crazy in the process.

If the Task is a Drag, Delegate

If at all possible, lay off the responsibility on your personal assistant. If you don’t have a personal assistant then get one. It will make your life infinitely easier in countless respects including shopping for your Sugar Baby. If you’re married and your personal assistant is in communication with your wife and there is a chance she may spill the beans either accidentally or on purpose, then fire her and get a new personal assistant.

Problem solved.

If for whatever inconceivable reason you can’t saddle a subordinate with this task there is still hope for you.

These people are professional spenders of other people’s money. They are generally female guns for hire who always have original gift ideas that you could never come up with no matter how wild or depraved your imagination. Personal shoppers are a Godsend because they can take care of Sugar Baby for you and also make sure you don’t run out of cool essentials like designer overnight bags, shirts, ties and cologne.

Most Sugar Daddies have a tendency to go straight for the sexy stuff in the first round of gift giving. This strategy may or may not work depending on how you play it. The first trick to achieving success in this area hinges on you ignoring your instincts. As a Sugar Daddy seeking wild sex with reckless abandon, you’re probably going to be inclined to go straight for the sex toys and porn. This is not the most advisable strategy. Sex toys and porn can be a little off-putting to Sugar Baby especially if the arrangement is fresh. You’ll be branded a rich pervert instead of being held in the highest Sugar Daddy regard.

Your Sugar Baby arrangement most likely involves sex, hopefully lots of it, but skip over the sex toys and go for the lingerie instead. Really hot bra and panty combos that were once only available at smut shops in the bad part of town can now easily be purchased at high end lingerie stores or better yet, online.

The options are infinite when it comes to sexy lingerie so try to exercise some semblance of good taste. If you buy Sugar Baby a fishnet body stocking and you are unsure if you’ve gone too far, balance out the ensemble with a baby doll teddy or a traditional long silk robe. This way, if she recoils in horror upon seeing the body stocking (which probably won’t happen anyway) you can always play it off and say something like “How did that get in there?” or “I specifically told the salesgirl I didn’t want that.”

Always leave yourself a solid out.

Clothes are the backbone of Sugar Baby gift giving, but this category is also the easiest to screw up if you try to do it yourself. You will never be able to pick out clothes for your Sugar Baby. If you get the style right, the size is going to be wrong. Sugar Baby is just going to end up spending all of her free time returning clothes she doesn’t want or exchanging items that don’t fit.

Pick the store yourself or find out where she likes to shop. Then call ahead and set them up with your credit card information. Establish a spending limit with the store if you want or you can use this opportunity to see if Sugar Baby is capable of staying within spending boundaries herself.

Online Sugar Baby Jewelry GiftsSugar Babies love jewelry more than kids love cake, but set the pace carefully. You can always go up but it’s difficult to go down. Save jewelry such as Harry Winston earrings, watches, pearls, tennis bracelets for somewhat special occasions unless you’re willing to turn your Sugar Baby into the next Cleopatra. If money is no object and I mean really no object, then go for it. You only live once. If you have to operate somewhere in the bounds of reality then space out the ice and precious metals; after all, you’re a Sugar Daddy for the long haul.

Online Sugar Baby Cars GiftsThis one is a no brainer.

Never buy; only lease. If the arrangement doesn’t work out there are no hassles regarding title and you can reclaim the vehicle with nothing more than your spare set of keys.

Leasing plans are a lot friendlier than they used to be, so it is quite easy to upgrade your Sugar Baby from a Mustang convertible to a C-Class Mercedes. Dealers will assume the lease and move you into a higher end vehicle with ease. As always, leave yourself room to grow; never start at the top.

Online Sugar Baby Day Spa GiftsThese are two great gifts because they keep Sugar Baby happy and looking her best at the same time.

Day spas are virtually everywhere these days and the treatments run the gamut from pedicures to seaweed body wraps. Sugar Baby isn’t going to need any coaching here even if she’s never had the spa experience. These places are staffed with some of the smoothest most accommodating wellness experts you’ll ever encounter. They’ll take care of Sugar Baby’s every whim and she’ll love them (and you) for it.

Gym memberships are a nice way of saying that you think your Sugar Baby is hot and you want to make sure she stays that way. Nothing ruins a perfect package faster than too much good living. Keep in mind that in a lot of cases you’re taking Sugar Baby from a relatively bare bones existence to eggs Benedict for breakfast and crème brulee three nights a week. The Sugar Daddy lifestyle is not usually a low cal one so it may take her a little while to acclimate.

Find a gym that will extend you a month by month contract with the ability to suspend and/or transfer the membership at any time. Don’t get locked in for an extended period of time.

Volumes of literature can be written on Sugar Baby gift giving so at the very best we’ve just scratched the surface here; but at least it’s a start. We at WSB will revisit this topic many times in the future in order to keep our valued Sugar Daddies in the know and our precious Sugar Babies very, very satisfied.